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The 50/50 Plan
Women Operating In Power
A Message For Women Only

  Women do amazing things because God made them to operate in endless unconquerable power. Not one woman on this planet, or has ever been on this planet, or ever will be on this planet, falls short of possessing victorious personal power. She can do all things in Christ who personally designed each one with no two alike. No matter her current environment, she can rise up, shake off the negative and walk free.

  Mankind fell because the woman was trying to make her husband's life better. Want proof? God told Adam not to eat. God didn't tell Eve not to eat. Adam was charged to take care of the tree so it would bear nutritious fruit, which he did and it did. Eve looked at the fruit, tasted it and knew it was good to eat for her and her husband. Adam did a good job caring for the tree. Eve's first thought was to offer the fruit to Adam because she knew it was good, healthy. Eve was doing what she was made to do: look out for Adam's wealth, health and their relationship. Don't blame Eve for the fall. Eve wasn't a "dumb blonde" she had the same unlimited mental capacity as Adam had. Don't discount Eve.

  When God made man God did a wonderful thing, but man was alone and God said that it was not good for man to be alone. Unfortunately most don't know what wasn't good in man's life concerning being alone. What good did the woman bring to man's life other than filling the void of being alone? Was she just a friend? Friend, yes, but she is so much more than just a friend. She is a walking, walking, indispensable partner and an indescribable priceless work of art with God given abilities far beyond fallen man's limited understanding. She is powerful by divine design, immutable.

  Women, your husband served in some way to earn a living, now it's time for the money earned to serve you both. The beauty of making your money your servant rather than letting it become your master is: money has no debilitating emotions, or ability to hamper your efforts, nor can it lie to you, and you control it. Further if God's Covenant plan is put into operation in your life, your (as in you and your husband both being one) money will multiply, your health will be excellent, you will never lack wealth, and all your relationships will be radiant (pulchritudinous - a real word, but just kidding). However knowledge without action is worthless. Action produces results, start the 50/50 plan and read the book: The Covenant Factor - A Journey With Our King.

  What I'm going to say here applies to every person on this planet. If someone using untainted reason could look at all the financial failures (such as those whom have gone broke, are broke, living "hand to mouth", or always in need) an avoidable common problem between the failures labeled lack of understanding would come to light through revelation. Psychologist call revelation the "Ah! Hah!" moment.

  In layman's terms, here is what God created and is generally taken for granted and overlooked: "God made man to bring home the bacon and God made the woman to cook it, make it useful, preserve it, and use it for multiplication." Think about that. Who likes bacon without eggs? Who likes uncooked rotten bacon, or the stench of it? Who can live without eating? What guy likes working only to see the earnings waste away? What about trading 50 pounds of bacon for a weekend cruise, or a good stock, or some eggs and gold? (As a side note: Men are completed if they can brag on their wife.) See how important and amazing you ladies are? God didn't lie when He said your price is far above rubies. You women are the one in control of covenant multiplication.

  Ladies if you start the 50/50 plan below you can quit the day job working for the "man" you weren't made to work for. Now forget the world attitude of equality, you ladies are worth more than any debasing manmade worldly equality comparison used for man's objective, not yours. Comparing women with something that is not even close to being same in value, quality, or worth as you is ridiculous. God never said man is priceless, but He did tell man to bring home the bacon to the woman God said was priceless. Hummmm. The unavoidable clincher, if married: you two are one - indivisible. When God's Word changes one marriage partner it changes the other.

  Ladies marriage is a 50/50 deal, as agreed upon with your vows of becoming one. Here is how a 50/50 marriage works: of every dollar your husband brings in and has you take 50%. Look at that logically. If he brings home one dollar, take 50 cents, which leaves him 50 cents. Now that he has 50 cents you take 25 cents. Then take 13 cents leaving him 12 cents (always round up in your favor). Get the picture? Both of you laugh together when you explain this to him. Enter the program with loyalty and trust for each other, because without loyalty and trust it will not work. Also, make sure your marriage is founded on loyalty and trust.

  Now ladies, make two accounts, one called "Absolutely No Touchy" and one called "Maybe No Touchy". Take 20% of all the money and put half in each account. Live on the remaining 80%. Assuming the money comes monthly, if the full 80% is not used, divide the balance by three and put 2/3 in the "Absolutely No Touchy" account and the 1/3 balance in the "Maybe No Touchy" account. If you ever have a real need take from the "Maybe No Touchy", but never take more than 50% of the balance. Make sure both accounts are secure and drawing interest, even if the interest is low. When you honestly master this plan learn to invest for bigger returns, first and foremost study to show thyself approved unto God (not yourself, or anyone else) a workman (this biblical teaching is sexually neutral and workman also means workwoman) that needeth not to be ashamed, (be diligent and you will never be ashamed). Be faithful in little things. Never invest more than 25% of the "Maybe No Touchy" account balance on any transaction. And ladies, if you have a job or business, do the same with what you bring in. Combine it all. What is his may be yours, but ladies you are traveling on a two way street in one vehicle.

  Getting down to the heart of the matter this money management system will even work for singles. Also I tell this to all the newly weds and the soon to be married. I have never had a bad report, but boy have I had many good reports.

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